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Details for Crystal Cove Junior Lifeguards

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Crystal Cove SP

Crystal Cove Junior Lifeguards - CCJG 2022 Session 2 PM (7/18-8/11)

The Crystal Cove State Park Junior Lifeguard Program is a 4-week open ocean class that focuses on recreation, education, and aquatic safety. Students will engage in a diverse array of activities over the duration of the 4-week period. The staff to student ratio is 20:1. Website is www.crystalcovejuniorlifeguards.com NEW PARTICPANTS MUST TRYOUT PRIOR TO REGISTRATION. REGISTRATIONS WITHOUT TRYOUTS SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION AND $50 SURCHARGE. Program Contact: R. Christopher Egan (714) 292-6381 or robert.egan@parks.ca.gov

Age requirements for this activity are between Ages 7 to 15 years

07/18/2022 - 08/10/2022
Mon Tue Wed : 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Pricing to Enroll for Crystal Cove Junior Lifeguards - CCJG 2022 Session 2 PM (7/18-8/11)
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Child (Ages 5- 12)


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Extra Pricing for Crystal Cove Junior Lifeguards - CCJG 2022 Session 2 PM (7/18-8/11)
Extra Fees
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Limited Use (6/1-8/31) Beach Pass (Optional) $50.00
Extended Day Program - 12:00PM to 3:00PM $180.00
Note: Registration Fee is a one-time fee necessary to sign up for this activity.

You may register between and 07/17/2022.

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